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How to use One Way Anchor Vise to your electric fence

WIDELY USED. Can be passed steel wire, rope and cable. Used with wire trellises, arbors, pergolas, horse and small animal fencing, hanging outdoor fabrics and curtains and many other wire hanging. Suitable for home garden applications, farms, ranches, vineyards and zoos. Offer easier solution in linking steel wires.

How to use Cut Off Switch Electric Fence Switch for your electric fence

WIDELY USED. Cut off switch could cotrol on and off of electric fences at convenient locations according to your needs. Used at fence corners and gates, helps you to locate short circuits easily.

How to use Lydite Fence Gate handle

1. Anti-slip insulated UV resistant handle with fixed Galvanized hook 2. large Shaped Hook provide max contact and easier operation 3. Strong Tension internal expanded spring suitable for longer life 4. Sturdy and practical. Withstands cold weather

How to use Fence Wire Tightener Wire Tightener with Single Hole to tighten your electric fence

As a leading electronic fence factory and premier exporter, we specialize in agriculture, offering a comprehensive range of electric fencing products designed for animal security, farms, and gardens.