Tailored OEM/ODM Solutions for Your Business:

Lydite Customizes Functions, Appearance, and Packaging to Suit Your Needs

Lydite's customization services deliver unique value by meeting specific needs, enhancing user experience, and optimizing product efficiency.

Customized Cases

Your Premier Electric Fence Supplier

Over 23-years of supplying electric fence supplies. Send your requirements, we will back to you with complete proposals.
Customized services

Why choose Lydite?

With thousands of product categories to choose from, we fully meet your customization needs.

With 23 years of specialized experience in product customization and production services, we provide a one-stop solution that includes design, proofing, production and distribution.

Customized services

Factory Capabilities

In-House Factory: We own advanced manufacturing facilities, enabling strict quality control throughout the entire production process. Clients can confidently choose us because we directly monitor and manage the manufacturing process to ensure products meet high standards.
Professional Processing Equipment: We invest in the latest processing equipment and technology to balance production efficiency and product quality optimally. This not only increases the speed of product production but also guarantees precision and stability.

Customization advantages

Market Distribution

Diverse Partnerships, Thriving with 200+ Clients:With a robust track record of collaboration, our company has established partnerships with over 200 clients, spanning a diverse range of industries.
Global Footprint, Extending Across 50+ Countries and Regions:Our global footprint extends across more than 50 countries and regions, reflecting our commitment to fostering international cooperation. At the core of our success lies a dedication to innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction. These principles have positioned us as a leader in the market, driving our continued growth and expansion.

Excellent Service

Holistic Excellence, Comprehensive Pre-Sales, In-Sales, and After-Sales Support:With a powerful commitment to customer satisfaction, our company boasts a formidable after-sales team that sets us apart. Our dedicated sales force is equipped with the expertise to deliver excellence across the entire customer journey.
Customer-Centric Commitment, The Powerhouse of Our After-Sales Team:Our sales team's strength lies in its unwavering dedication to delivering an exceptional experience at every touchpoint, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of support and satisfaction.

Exceptional Design Competence

Elevate Your Products with Our Design Excellence: 

Harness the power of our robust design capabilities to enhance your products. Our design expertise extends seamlessly from technical specifications to personalized product aesthetics, encompassing elements like shape, size, material, and color. Furthermore, our tailored packaging design, including labels and logos, completes a seamless brand experience. Trust us to transform your vision into a unique and exceptional reality.

Certifications & Honor

Certified Quality: 

Our company boasts a range of product quality certifications, including ISO, CE and so on highlighting our unwavering commitment to high standards and safety. Trust in our products, backed by certifications and honors, for unparalleled quality and reliability.


Custom process

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Identify Requirements

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Design Schemes

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Make Samples

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Prepare for production

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Quality Inspection

Group 285

Packaging and Delivery

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After-sales Service

Professional Electric Fencing Services

What Customers Does Lydite Fence Serve?

LyditeFence provides professional services for offline wholesalers/online customers, (Amazon, eBay, ect.)/ brands in the agricultural pasture field.

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LiditeFence Confidentiality Agreement

We provide one-to-one after-sales support for any after-sales problems of your customers during use, and help you solve your customers' after-sales use problems in a timely manner.
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LiditeFence Market Protection Mechanism

In order to protect the interests of customers, HPS Fence has established relevant market protection mechanisms for partners in the same market

You Might Want To Know More?

For offline wholesalers, you might want better product prices?

Unlock unbeatable prices as an offline wholesaler! As a premier agricultural fence manufacturer, we specialize in the production of electronic fences, electric fence energizers, and fence nets. Our state-of-the-art production line ensures top-notch quality, while our mature supply chain boasts over 23 years of successful collaboration. Choose us for premium products at exceptional prices and elevate your business with our trusted expertise.

Agent procurement service:

1If you have agricultural fence peripheral product procurement needs
We know that you may purchase a wide range of products; Although we only focus on agricultural fence manufacturing, but we have rich purchasing experience and sufficient supplier resources, if necessary, we can help you to provide OEM services.

About the delivery of agricultural fencing?

1Hot commodity spot capacity:
  • We regularly stock some popular products from the spot to speed up product delivery time
  • 2How can we ensure delivery:
  • The factory has a complete production line and supply chain advantage to ensure that products can be produced in time
  • You will have our dedicated order follow-up personnel to ensure delivery on time and on demand, while ensuring product quality
  • We have order tracking function on our official website, you only need to enter your order number, you can check the progress of your order
  • Marketing Material Support

    1Can you provide support for the product information and marketing materials required for the launch of new products?
  • We will prepare related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in-store and in marketing.