Lydite® Netting “150cm Electric Fence Netting” – Double Spikes, Wildlife Net

Weight 8.5 kg
Model Number


netting length

Length 50m, (Optional 25M)

Spacing of vertical wires

15cm, (Optional 30cm)

Number of horizontal wires

13 wires

Number of Posts

14 posts

Post height

(Tube+Spike) 150cm+15cm =165cm total

Material of post

PVC + glass fiber

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1. Netting height: Height 150cm,
2. Netting lenth: Length 50m, (Optional 25M)
3. Spacing of vertical wires: 15cm (Optional 30cm)
4. Number of horizontal wires: 13 wires
5. Top wire: 1 polywires, have 6 SS strands (Optional 3 SS+ 3 Brass in yellow),
6. Middle wires: 10 polywires have 3 x 0.20 mm SS strands
7. Buttom wire: 2 polywire in black color
8. Post height(Tube+Spike): 150cm+15cm =165cm total
9. Material of post: PVC + glass fiber
10. Number of Posts: 14 posts
11. Ground spikes: Double (Optional single)
12. Connection clip: stainless-steels on both end
13. Groose weight: DS style 9.0KG

Watch this video to see how you can install the MLD-068S6!

Recommended for:


  • sheep, lambs, goats (without horns), pigs
  • bear, deer, kangaroo
  • wild boar


here is how you benefit from our Electric fence netting:

Schematic Diagram


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Row 1 col 1 content Row 1 col 2 content Row 1 col 3 content
Row 2 col 1 content Row 2 col 2 content Row 2 col 3 content


Electric fence netting User Manual Guide