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Lydite® Netting ‘’90cm Electric Fence Netting‘’ – Double Spikes, Sheep Net

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 108 cm
Model Number


netting length


Spacing of vertical wires


Number of horizontal wires

9 wires

Number of Posts

14 posts

Post height

(Tube+Spike) 90cm+15cm =105cm total

Material of post

PVC or (PVC + glass fiber)

Lydite® Farming

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Any power source. Anywhere.

1. Netting height: 90cm,
2. Netting length: 50m,
3. Spacing of vertical wires: 15cm
4. Number of horizontal wires: 9 wires
5. Top wire: 1 polywires, have 6 SS strands (Optional 3 SS+ 3 Brass in yellow)
6. Middle wires: 7 polywires have 3 x 0.20 mm SS strands
7. Buttom wire: 1 polywire in black color
8. Post height: (Tube+Spike) 90cm+15cm =105cm total
9. Material of post: PVC or (PVC + glass fiber)
10.Number of Posts: 14 posts
ground spikes: Double)
11. Connection clip: stainless-steels on both ends

Watch this video to see how you can install the MLD-068S5!

Recommended for:


  • sheep, lambs, goats (without horns), pigs
  • dogs of all size
  • wild boar


here is how you benefit from our Electric fence netting:

Schematic Diagram


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Row 1 col 1 content Row 1 col 2 content Row 1 col 3 content
Row 2 col 1 content Row 2 col 2 content Row 2 col 3 content


Electric fence netting User Manual Guide