Lydite® Energizer “LFL120-1”, 0.5J 15Miles AC Fence Energizer

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 25 × 9 cm
Model Number


Frame Finishing

Pvc Coated

Peak Output Energy up to

0.5 Joules

Peak Stored Energy up to

0.85 Joules

Effective length

50 Miles

Output Voltage at 500 ohms

4.8 kv

Lydite® Farming

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Any power source. Anywhere.

Can be used in 110V, battery or solar power applications, providing convenient, versatile livestock control.

Warranty information

1 year Warranty

Technical Specifications

Effective square: 60 Acres

Effective length: 15 Miles

Peak Stored Energy up to: 0.85 Joules

Peak Output Energy up to: 0.5 Joules

Output Voltage up to: Max 11.7 kv

Output Voltage at 500 ohms: 4.8 kv

Weight: 1.65KG

Watch this video to see how you can install the LFL120-1!

Recommended for:


  • 0.5 J maximum output energy (0.85 J stored energy)
  • Fence up to 15 miles without vegetation
  • Can be used for varieties of animals
  • Flame-retardant ABS
  • Ati-UV


here is how you benefit from our energizer:



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Fence Energizer User Manual Guide