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Lydite® Farming Fence Contractor Chain Strainer


Art No. : MLD-LFT8

G.W.: 3.5 KGS
Frequently bought together

Lydite® Farming Fence Contractor Chain Strainer

This chain strainer tensions high tensile wire for livestock fence.

   ·  Pull two separate pieces of wire together for splicing

   ·  Insert on a single wire to tension, cut and make a splice

Eliminates the need and cost of most inline strainers.Smooth wire grips (no teeth) prevent damage to HT wire coating. Holds most common wire sizes.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  For tension high tensile wire

  Special features:
   ·  Smooth grip action


·  Chain are built tough to last.

·  The smooth grip jaws hold all common sizes of fence wire while minimizing wire damage

·  The claws and grips are a heat-treated Spheroidal Graphite cast iron, making them durable for long service life.



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Fence Contractor Chain Strainer
   ·  1 x 1.2m Galvanized chain


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