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Lydite® Farming Post Driver for Electric Fence Posts


Art No. : MLD-LFT1

Frequently bought together

Post driver for posts up to Ø 16.8 cm

This practical post driver is perfect for driving wooden posts into the ground without damaging them.

This post driver is a universal tool for driving posts into the ground. For optimal guidance, the driver is equipped with two handles. This way the risk of damaging the wooden posts is minimised.
The post driver is suitable for posts up to 16.8 cm in diameter. An extra thick plate allows for high impact forces.

At a glance

Recommended for:

   · easily and safe installation of wooden posts

   · fence post installation

Special features:
   · 2 handles Ø 20 mm (120° angle)
   · extra thick plate allows for high impact forces


· wooden posts with a diameter from 7.6 cm to 16.8 cm

· with 30 mm thick shock-absorbing plate, completely welded together

· sturdy steel tube, 3 mm wall thickness, coated

· tube diameter: 76-168 mm

· tube length: 600-800 mm



· 1 × Lydite® Farming Post Driver for Electric Fence Posts


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