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Lydite® 60cm Electric Fence Netting,Double Spikes,Rabbit Net


Art No. : MLD-068H3

Case Dimensions: 26*27*80cm
G.W.: 7.8 KG
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Lydite® 60cm Electric Fence Netting,Double Spikes,Rabbit Net

The sturdy 60 cm high electric fence net is very easy to install, reposition or remove. Price, performance and quality are second to none. It is particularly suitable for fencing in puppies and small dogs as well as smaller pets such as cats or rabbits. It is also ideal for repelling wildlife that deface your property or harm your animals.

Due to its rich red colour, the net fits perfectly into the surroundings where red is a dominant colour, like contryside or your garden. The netting comes also with 14 robust and stable posts sagging.

Practical tip:

for maximum security the netting must be electrified. This will help prevent your pet from biting or slipping through

At a glance

 Recommend for:

   ·  small dogs, cats, rabbits

   ·  wild boars, foxes, raccoons, badgers, otters

 Special features:   
two spikes provide for optimum stability – even on hilly terrain or uneven ground

   ·  Including some wires and insulators


 ·  60cm netting height, 50m long

 ·  9 horizontal polywires

 ·  Middle have 7 polywires 3 x 0.20 mm stainless-steel wires

 ·  2 buttom polywires in black color

 ·  vertical polywires do not carry current

 ·  14 stable plastic posts with one spike each

 ·  detachable posts can be used individually elsewhere.

 ·  incl. stainless-steel connection clip at the beginning and end of the netting (to connect energisers or other sections of netting)

 ·  with insulation cap and bottom stopper for attaching the netting to the post

 ·  welded seals, unbreakable by humans or animal



   ·  1 x Lydite® 60cm Electric Fence Netting,Double Spikes,Rabbit Net

   ·  1 x Repair Kit

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