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Lydite MLD-060 Pigtail Electric Fence Post 105 cm, Red (Cattle Fence)


Art No. : MLD-060

total height: 105 cm
above-ground height: 90 cm
Frequently bought together

Lydite metal post with eyelets, 105 cm – ideal for cattle fences

The metal post has proved its value for cattle keeping for decades. The conductor material is suspended at a height of around 90 cm: and the cattle fence is ready.

For cattle the ideal height for the conductor material is 90 cm. Why? Because of the height of their shoulders, cows and bulls can't get under the fence – and it's too high for them to jump over. For simple fencing, therefore, a single row of conductor 90 cm above ground is adequate.

Thanks to its two spikes, the metal post with eyelets can be driven into the ground not just securely, but also quickly and easily. The Lydite post’s double spike is about 15 cm long, leaving a net height of 90 cm. The eyelet of the 7 mm-thick fence post is enclosed in high voltage-resistant plastic, guaranteeing insulation. For conductors, our electric fence specialists recommend electric fence rope, polywire or wires.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  · with eyelets for polywire, rope, wire

Special features:

  ·  perfect for cattle fences – large "curly tail" eyelet insulator
  ·  approx. 15 cm-long double spike
  ·  rubber coating ensures outstanding conductivity


· colour: Red
· total height: 105 cm
· above-ground height: 90 cm
· post diameter: 7 mm
· with eyelets for polywire, rope, wire



· 1 × Lydite MLD-060 Pigtail Electric Fence Post 105 cm, Red (Cattle Fence)


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