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Lydite® Farming Tri-point Gate Handle Insulator,Galvanised Plate


Art No. : MLD-037

Frequently bought together

Lydite® Farming Tri-point Gate Handle Insulator with Galvanised Connecting Plate

This gate handle insulator with galvanised connecting plate extremely robust

The gate handle insulator is robust and fitted with 3-way hot dip galvanised connecting plates. The 3 mm-thick connecting plate provides options for connecting: gate handles, fence supply lines and conducting material. The gate handle insulator from also ideally suitable for fence junction points or as an anchor insulator (a fixed point). 

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  Screwing into wooden posts
   ·  Suitable for
gate handles with hooks
   ·  wide range of uses: gate handle insulator, fence starting points, anchor insulator, junction points, device connector, etc.

  Special features:
   ·  practical and safe
   ·  with solid tri-point connecting plate, galvanised
   ·  wide range of uses, extra-robust


   · Robust and long-lasting
   · PP or HDPE and UV proof
   · zinc coated



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Tri-point Gate Handle Insulator,Galvanised Plate


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