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Lydite® Lightning Diverter Kit For Electric Fence


Art No. : MLD-G12S

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Lydite® Lightning Diverter Kit For Electric Fence

The lightning diverter kit prevents your energiser from being damaged by lighting

If lighting strikes your energiser it can result in expensive damage to your fence system or energiser.This Lydite electric fence lightning diverter kit can help protect your fence energizer from damage caused by lightning.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  Helps protect your fence charger - diverts lightning surges to the ground

  Special features:
   ·  easy to install
   ·  Protects the energiser from lightning strikes
   ·  Requires ground rod system


   ·  Contains lightning diverter, mounting screws
   ·  Connect fence wire to lightning diverter and ground rods



   ·  1 x Lydite® Lightning Diverter Kit For Electric Fence

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