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Lydite® Farming 0.15J 5miles Solar Fence Energizer,Internal 3.2v 6ah lithium battery


Art No. : LFS015

Case Dimensions: 205x72x83mm
Frequently bought together

Lydite® Farming 0.15J 5miles Solar Fence Energizer,Inernal 3.2v 6ah lithium battery 

Soalr/Lithium Battery dual purpose energizer up to 5 miles

An output voltage of 9200 volts and 0.15 joules of shock power means this energizer is suitable for short fences up to 5 miles in length without any vegetation.

The LFS015 Soalr fence energizer is a easy to handle energizer. This energizer is suitable for permanent outdoor use; no rain protection is required! Ease of handling means it is easy to move around. It is suitable for neutral or fierce animals, Such as sheep, goat, cow, wolf and jackals and so forth.


At a glance

Recommend for

   ·  On/Off switch: water-resistant pressure switch
   ·  Mobile use
   ·  Lithium battery works for one week without solar
   ·  Flame-retardant ABS
   ·  Anti-UV

Special features
   ·  Insulator fixer on the back 





   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming 0.15J 5miles Solar Fence Energizer
   ·  Internal 3.2v 6ah lithium battery
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